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Soda City Cirque Aerial Silks
Soda City Cirque Lyra Duo
Static Trapeze


This skill is a feat of strength, beauty, and grace. It is different from flying trapeze in that the bar and ropes stay mostly stationary, and the artist (or artists) appear to float effortlessly around the trapeze. A wide variety of movements are sewn together to create each performance and may include shows of strength and flexibility, and drops or momentum for more dynamic eye catching movement. Each performance is created from a place of inspiration, and paired seamlessly together with music that enhances the viewer's experience, captivates the audience, and unites art and emotion.

Soda City Cirque Trapeze


The name " aerial silks "is quite misleading as the material is not made of silk but a polyester fabric that is capable of holding thousands of pounds. Performers use these fabrics to climb, twist, drop, and roll, creating beautiful shapes and dramatic sequences. Aerialists must be strong, flexible, and fearless to perform on these deceptively beautiful pieces of fabric. Silks hang from rated rigging points usually between 18-25 feet high. They are elegant which makes them great for high end events, but intriguing to people of all ages.


Aerial rope is a deceptively simple apparatus that hides the strength and grace a performer must have to bring out its full potential. Rope acts combine strength and momentum to provide the audience with a dazzling and fast paced piece. Rope performances involve lots of climbs, descents, and a whole lot of big movements!



Aerial straps are a rare performance apparatus in the circus arts. These thin canvas straps aren't made for climbing, but instead come with two loops to allow the performer to secure their wrist or ankles to perform feats of suspended aerial strength. Straps performances highlight the strength and power of aerial performers. 



Otherwise known as aerial hoop, Lyra is a metal hoop used by aerials to perform unique and beautiful motions suspended in the air. Performers can use all parts of the hoop during their pieces, flowing from the top to the bottom seamlessly. The stability of the metal allows performers to show off their excellent grace and control. 

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