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Flow Arts 



Juggling is the art of tossing, catching and manipulating objects. Beyond the basic “3 ball cascade” that most people are familiar with, juggling involves tossing and catching a variety of objects in intricate patterns with the hands, feet, elbows, and head, creating shapes and isolations, and bouncing and rolling the objects off of various parts of the body. Our artists juggle balls, rings, hula hoops, clubs, fire balls, fire clubs, as well as unconventional items such as apples and books.

Plate Spinning


Plate spinning is a circus manipulation art where a person spins plates on poles without them falling off. Plate spinning relies on the gyroscopic effect, in the same way a top stays upright while spinning. Our artist does multiple tricks while manipulating the plate in mesmerizing fashion. 

Soda City Cirque Plate Spinning
Soda City Cirque Juggling
Rola Bola


The balance board is used as a circus skill for performance. For many circus performers a balance board is called a rola bola. Skillful and dramatic balancing acts using the rola bola are performed by Soda City artists. The performance can involve a single rola bola or a stack of multiple rola bolas on top of one another to increase the challenge and visual spectacle. Our circus performer also combine the use of the rola bola with other circus skills to present a different visual spectacle.

Soda City Cirque Rola Bola
Hula Hoops


The simple ring of plastic that most people grew up playing with, but make no mistake, this isn’t an act you’ll find on the school playground. Our hula hoop artists manipulate anywhere from one to 12 hula hoops on and off their bodies, creating a seamless dance with an inanimate partner. In addition to the normal hula hooping around the waist that most people know, our artists spin hula hoops on every part of their body from their feet to the necks, and off of their bodies they toss, create geometric shapes, juggle, jump-through, and balance hula hoops. Our artists perform with traditional hula hoops, light-up LED hula hoops, and fire hula hoops.

Soda City Cirque Hoops
Soda City Cirque


The staff its self is a rigid flow prop that is balanced and weighted at either end. The performer manipulates this prop over their body and spinning through the air.

Soda City Cirque Staff


Poi refers to both a style of performing art and the equipment used for engaging in poi performance. As a performance art, poi involves swinging tethered weights through a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns. 

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