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Finding Elysian

A full length theatrical performance combining joyful circus arts & witty story telling. 
Tess, a scientist, finds herself transported to a magical world when her beloved cat Artemis is stolen from her lab. She discovers Elysian, a troubled realm full of fanciful inhabitants. Together they must find a way to save this magical land before it's too late. 
"Finding Elysian" is a journey though the imagination, sure to delight young and old alike. Full of whimsical acts such as: fire spinning, fortune telling, aerial arts, hula hooping, acro balance, belly dancing, rolla bolla, pole, and many more! It is a truly a one of a kind experience not to be missed! 

Soda City Cirque
Soda City Cirque
Soda City Cirque

A flirty dirty circus revival! Join us for cautionary tales about the disastrous effect of sin on the moral compass of humanity. Told tongue in cheek, by the world renowned Reverend Scripture, and presented through charmingly delightful, bawdy, and sexy circus acts, this is Soda City Cirque's first ADULTS ONLY (18+) show. Full of traditional circus curiosities with a dash of amoral acts "Sins" is sure to land you on the naughty list for years to come!

The Last Machine

Well, we did it. We broke the world. One big explosion later and we're left, sitting in the ashes, without a clue what to do next. But never fear my friends, circus is here! Soda City Cirque is pleased to announce it's first full length production of "The Last Machine." A post-apocalyptic glimpse at circus in the new world. After we put out the fires, and start some new ones, we welcome you to join us in the outdoor space at Conundrum for the biggest fundraising event you've ever seen! Featuring 2+ hours of circusy goodness, with the live music of SkyMonk, drumming, and new feats of daring never before witnessed!  Be the first to say you helped bring about the end of the boring world and welcomed in a new age of fantastical feats! Fun for the whole family (though we're lightly applying a PG rating), "The Last Machine" is sure to delight and bemuse many a child at heart!

The Paper Moon Variety Show

Inspired by the innocence of dreams and childhood laughter, this variety style CIRCUS show beckons to olden memories of warm summer nights and sweet vintage charm. Enter into the attic of make-believe where inspiration turns the ordinary into the extraordinary and the far off places created during childhood still flourish, a world where anything is possible.
Stilt walking, fire spinning, aerial fabric, hoops, acrobatics, dance, balance board, hand balancing and more! 
Soda City Cirque brings you the allure of daring and breathtaking circus arts mixed with the magic of summer. 

Soda City Cirque
3rd Annual  Paper Moon Variety Show

An evening of Circus variety acts including stilt walking, fire performance, aerial fabric, hula hoops, acrobatics, belly dance, balancing acts and more.

Enter into the attic of make-believe where inspiration turns the ordinary into phenomenal and the far off places imagined during childhood still flourish. 
This is an extraordinary world where anything is possible! 

We All Fall Down

Our newest full length show, inspired by the stories of our youth! Delightful, clever, awe inspiring, and emotive acts intersect to become a new tale of its own! One we feel will be worth retelling. One part circus, mixed with a sprinkling of theatrics, and more than a dash of silliness.

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